Overcoming Obstacles Of Diversity

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Introduction: Diversity can be defines as the characteristics that people possess from different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and habits. Diversity can be more subscribed as the similarities and differences that groups or individuals might have. Race, gender, ethnicities, cultural and economic status and many more can be considered as traits that differentiate people from each other’s
Value of diversity
• Seek information and knowledge about each other’s cultures to understand how they work or think
• The increase of the level of performance
• Different languages can enrich the university or the workplace in various ways
Obstacles of diversity
• Working in a team can result sometimes in some sorts of bullying or discrimination against some of its team members
• The lack of consistency in regards to the performance
Overcoming obstacles
• Knowing our colleagues cultures and traditions can facilitate the way to communicate without causing misunderstanding
• work or educational organisation should provide training for their employees about how to deal with different cultures and traditions
Once barriers are removed, diversity can empower individuals and
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Diversity encourages people to seek information and knowledge about each other’s cultures to understand how they work or think. During college or university, many students had friends from different parts of the world with diverse thoughts and cultures and these similarities can bring beneficial mechanism to be used in life, education and work. Diverse groups at university of work can be considered as a powerful tool to solve problems, increase productivity and create innovative ways (T.,
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