Overcoming Obstacles Of Life During The Harry Potter Star

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Overcoming Obstacles in Life

Everyone experiences obstacles throughout their lives. It is important to overcome these obstacles and not let them get in the way of our future. An obstacle can be anything: A lack of food or money, an addiction or even just someone telling you you’re not good enough. Often when people experience obstacles in their lives they need other people to help them overcome their obstacles. Family, friends and mentors are some of the best people to ask for help with overcoming obstacles.

Even celebrities have obstacles. Yes, even those rich and famous Stars who seem to have everything they could ever want experience obstacles in their lives. A few years ago the Harry Potter Star, Daniel Radcliffe developed an alcohol addiction. Radcliffe said at the age of eighteen his life began to go off the rails for a period as he filmed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Radcliffe stated that every time he drank, he would black out. Knowing he was heading for self-destruction and misery, Radcliffe spoke to Gary Oldman, one of his Harry Potter co-stars, who had himself been an alcoholic in the early 90’s. Radcliffe said he didn’t straight up tell Oldman he had an alcohol problem since at the time he didn’t think he did, all he said to him was, “I told him I shared that mentality he had for actively seeking out chaos.” All Oldman said was, “You have to stop this, you’ve got too much to lose.” Those words influenced Radcliffe immensely. He knew

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