Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve The American Dream

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I believe that being bilingual is essential for every individual, but getting on that bilingual level can be hard for someone if he comes from a different country that has different cultures and languages. I was born in Honduras, and I lived there for 14 years. I moved to US in 2014. I came to the US because I wanted to achieve the American Dream. I also believe that if I want to achieve my dreams, I must face different obstacles that will make me better as a person and will prepare me for my future . When I first arrived to the US, I didn’t think that not being able to speak English would be a big obstacle. I had a hard time in school because I did not know English. However, I learned that every obstacle can be overcome if I persevere and put effort to overcome it. Moreover, I believe that I can inspire others…show more content…
I put in practice some words that I learned in school. I started having short conversations in English with different people because I had expanded my vocabulary. I would always carry a computer with me because it was helpful . The computer help translate the words I didn’t know. I also stopped being self-conscious because I had to try to speak in English if I wanted to learn more . I mispronounced some words , but I learned from that because someone else would say it correctly . I felt very proud because I was overcoming my obstacle. Additionally, I felt like I was fitting in , and my grades continued to go up. I also was eligible to play in the soccer team. As a result,I can say that the language barrier was an obstacle that made me a stronger person because I overcame the obstacle that life put in my path. Moreover , I never gave up, and I think that’s what life's about. In effect, my GPA is 3.5 now when it used to be 2.0 or lower. These 3 years of high school have been challenging , but I have been putting effort. I am getting more fluent with the language. I am prepared for the next challenge, which is
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