Overcoming Obstacles To Success

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People are faced with obstacles on a daily basis, but it is how a person deals with the obstacle that really reveals their true character. I personally believe that obstacles are present in order to demonstrate how much one really desires to achieve a particular goal. While growing up, I was a stereotypical awkward “pre-teen” that grew too fast for his age: I was not fast enough for basketball, not coordinated enough for baseball, and definitely not nimble enough for soccer. It was here in middle school when I was faced with obstacles, but it is how I dealt with these obstacles that taught me many lessons and turned me into the person I am today. Although I was not seen as athletic, I still had a love for sports. I would spend some of my free time watching English soccer games or highlights, wishing that I could play like them. I could not wait to try out for soccer, and hopefully make it. On the first day, I sat down on the bench, put on my cleats, and got ready for tryouts. After a week of running and demonstrating our soccer skills, all of us potential soccer players were sitting outside of the coach’s office waiting…show more content…
I wanted to quit because I came to the hasty conclusion that sports generally were just not for me. This, however, changed quickly. I hated the idea of failure at anything; it just did not sit well with me. I persisted and continued with soccer anyways. I would take my father along with me to the local park. I watched videos on form, and I practiced it with my dad. I determined that, as a lanky kid, I was better suited for the goalkeeper position than on the field, so I adapted and committed to that position. Fast forward to 8th grade when I tried out again. After a week of hard work, I got called in by the coach and made the team. However, I was still the third choice goalkeeper, and while I was proud of my improvements, I still wanted
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