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"The ugly reality is that peer pressure reaches its greatest intensity at just the age when kids tend to be most insensitive and cruel." -- Walt Mueller, Understanding Today's Youth Culture

Overcoming peer pressure always proves to be a challenge; being in the moment with the intention of rejecting the pressure tends to breed fear. There are all types of pressures in life from people, to possible addiction causing agents, and the desire to have fun. Personally at UC Irvine people may say there is not much to do, but there are a variety of things if you know where to look –seen in another Zot blogger’s posts. The peer pressure at UCI in terms of drugs or alcohol is not excessive, but the possibilities of neglecting your studies is.
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Make a time limit for breaks; time management, even if not highly detailed, can be your greatest tool.
No matter how many friends you have, spend more time with those who do not pressure you to ignore your studies.
Make a schedule or to do list and stick to it!
Drugs and alcohol are not a massive factor, but realize there are people around who consider it an occasional reliever. It absolutely is not!
Cigarettes may be suggested to you, but just as a drug they do not help, they harm!
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I have experienced a variety of these peer pressures, but am proud to say I have not fallen to the temptations even once. Drinking seems to be the most present in any college, but hopefully your experience compares to mine. I had the honor of celebrating with my club’s board members after a successful benefit concert we held. We went out to eat and then got a ride to an apartment of an older student. The board members were all of drinking age other than me, most deciding to stay over the room after celebrating. I was offered a minimal amount –since they were respectful that I am a minor– but I politely refused every type offered. These individuals were respectful of my wishes, but not everyone is as kind, and they may influence you further. The choice is always your own, and do not doubt there will be times people will place the choice around you but you do not

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