Overcoming Racial Prejudice Essays

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The Idea of Race Throughout history, and in today’s society, race has been a debated topic. Even today the question about whether race influences intelligence, athletic ability, and creativeness is still discussed. Through scientific research it is known that race contributes nothing to how a person thinks, feels, or acts and that is it society that creates these standards. When looking into the past there was much controversy about blacks and their self worth. According to the Thomas Jefferson’s article “Notes on the State of Virginia” blacks and whites are naturally different and fixed by nature. In other words blacks are naturally not as intelligent as whites, but today’s knowledge argues, and proves, otherwise. There is also…show more content…
Long days and rigorous field work probably made a black man more lean and muscular in comparison to a white man who often relaxed and observed while doing less laborious work all day. Hair texture is not determined by race, although majority of Africans have a rough curly hair texture it is not limited to those of African ancestry. Jefferson assumed that physical appearance determined everything genetically. According to Jefferson blacks require less sleep, are more adventurous, have dull imagination, and can tolerate heat better than whites. Everyone’s body requires a different amount of sleep. Although the recommended amount of sleep is approximately eight hours very few people actually get this each night. Many slave owners probably did not allow their slaves to sleep as long as they should have. After a persons body gets accustomed to getting less sleep the entire eight hours is not necessary to be fully rested. Even if the blacks did need more sleep their masters were getting as much work they could out of them and not trying to care for their slave. When Jefferson said slaves were more adventurous and have dull imaginations, he could not have been more wrong. He only saw slaves from an outsider point of view. He did not work side by side with slaves and become their friend, he was their master. Adventurous personalities and imaginations vary,
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