Overcoming Resistance to Change in the US Army

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Resistance to Change: Overcoming Individual and Structural Barriers to Change Trident University International Module 5: SLP BUS503: Organizational Change and Transformation Dr. Drummond McNaughton March 7, 2013 Overcoming Resistance to Change in the U.S. Army Introduction One of the harsh realities of all organizations is the need for change. Although change is inevitable, many organizations fail to make the transition successfully because of strong employee resistance to change. Indeed, many people fear and resist change and some will even actively sabotage change initiatives unless the change is managed effectively. Moreover, these issues become especially significant when the organization in question is the U.S. Army, which is tasked with protecting the nation's security and interests at home and abroad. Because the U.S. Army must remain mission ready at all times, there is no room for resistance to change when it occurs and leaders at all levels must ensure that the change process goes smoothly and efficiently. This paper presents a plan to address anticipated and/or actual individual and structural barriers to the U.S. Army's change process, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion. Review and Discussion Just as many people go through several stages of grieving and acceptance in response to a loss in their lives, many people also to change in a stage fashion, moving from initial outright denial that change will happen to
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