Overcoming Spatial Mismatch in Buying a Home

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As any good realtor will say, there are three main important factors to remember when buying or renting a piece of property: “location, location, location”. Oftentimes, the location of ones home will have some of the biggest impacts on their lives. Since we live in a capitalist society where work is key to survival, location has a major affect on work. The importance of location can become a problem when work and the rest of one’s life become separate. Before the industrial revolution, work and the house were intertwined with both activities taking place in the same location. However, after the industrial revolution, work was moved outside the home and into the factory. Though our current society is not structured around factories, the physical location of the workplace remains separated from the home. This can lead to conflicts between where someone lives, sometimes without much of a choice, and the work available. The crux of this is the Spatial Mismatch theory which is the idea that the economic restructuring that has taken place in the past decades has lead to the loss of work opportunities for low-income and minority workers due to work being moved away from where they live. Economic restructuring such as deindustrialization has moved many jobs away from the city and urban setting and into the suburbs where low-income and minority workers may not have an opportunity to live. In addition to the movement of jobs, the importance of transportation, both private and public,

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