Overcoming The Wall Annotated

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I believe that the imagery and symbolism used to transform the poem because it lets the reader visualize what is happening and what the person is thinking. The poem mostly had literal imagery, as the poem stated what it wanted the reader to imagine. The most important symbol was of course the wall which signifies an obstacle or hindrance in life which one must overcome. Throughout the poem many symbols are used to signify overcoming the wall. and these range from simple things to weapons of war. The poem alludes to people giving up when faced with obstacles, without thinking of ways to overcome those obstacles.

The first stanza of the poem, states many ways in which a person can overcome this wall. For example, around, over, or through
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The second stanza of the poem explores the concept of communication, as many methods are stated. For example, “birds to carry messages/taped to their feet/there are letters to be written.” (25-27). This gives the reader the images of trying to desperately communicate with someone. Birds are seen as a sign of freedom and this gives a sense of being able to communicate freely.

The third stanza of the poem creates a feeling of separation because of the person being on one side of the wall, unable to look at the other side of the wall. Although, the person is able to hear everything that is happening. This gives the reader the feeling that something is happening on the other side of the wall, but it can only be heard, not seen and gives a sense of powerlessness and incapability to do anything.

The final stanza once again invokes a feeling of helplessness. because the person heard a voice coming from the other side of the wall, but was unable to do anything.

In conclusion, the poem uses imagery and symbolism in order to let the reader enter into the poem and lets the reader envision what is happening and how the person feels. This allows the poem to be interesting and keeps the reader
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