Overcoming The Way Of My Life

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Overcome. Some see the word as a way of defeating a difficult obstacle. I would agree to an extent that this is true for some, maybe most. For me however, to overcome has a whole other meaning. For me, it meant to face my demons and forgive those who had hurt me. It meant finding a way to live my life the way that I wanted and to not allow my past to interfere. My life is not really what one would call the life of a typical teenager. My mother was a prostitute who was addicted to cocaine. My brother and I were taken away from here and given to our aunt when we were born. We had a pretty decent life, except for the fact that our new “mother” was never home so we were basically raised by her children. For my brother, it was pretty okay because he was spoiled rotten by her daughter. For me, it was a living Hell. I was not looked after as well as my brother. I still to this day still have no idea why. That was just how it was. My adoptive mother had three children of her own. Two sons and a daughter. When I was around five years old, her son started taking a liking to me. And I do not mean the kind that a brother or relative takes into a small child. At first, it started with subtle caresses that I never really paid any attention to. Then it progressed to him watching me get undressed in my room. Finally it got to where he had me preform oral on him. I never really understood what was happening at the time. I mean, I was only five years old so I never fully processed what was
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