Overconsumption In The United States

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In the age of commodities and consumerism, the U.S has emerged as one of the leading over-consumers in the world. Overconsumption is a catastrophe, as humans exploit more than the environment can sustainably provide. People consume water, energy and minerals on a daily basis at a rate that is depleting the earth’s life-sustaining systems. Americans make up to 4.5% of the world’s population and consume more than 20% of its energy (WPB). The lifestyle and culture exhibited by Americans are unsustainable resulting in significant problems that add to the issue of global warming, species extinction, and accumulation of toxic wastes. Part of the consumption is linked to the high population. Whereas the U.S accounts for 4.5% of the 7.1 billion population of the planet, the relative consumption of every individual account for the largest consumption rate in the world thus leading to environmental problems such as air and water pollution. An analysis of the relative consumption rate in the U.S indicates that the U.S population is associated with heavy levels of consumption that accelerate the rapid depletion of resources.
The increasing levels of consumption can be attributed to
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These economic strategies result in environmental consequences such as the increasing carbon emission in the environment (Schmuck and Schultz 7). Also, the exploitation of natural resources enables us to elevate our current consumption level by creating higher levels of purchasing capacity. Ever increasing levels of meat based diets and automobile-centered transportation contribute to the further intensification of the exploitation process (Schmuck and Schultz 7). The material values that have become the norm in the U.S are further distributed to less industrialized countries through advertising leading to a global trend in
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