Overcrowding Prisons And The Prisons Essay

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Alma Gonzalez Professor Shaw SOC 474OL 11 August 2016 Overcrowding Prisons Prisons were essentially built to accommodate a number of prisoners, but over the years, it has reached over capacity. Today in the United States, there are approximately 193,468 federal inmates that consist of the Bureau of Prisons Custody, private managed facilities and other facilities. The inmates ages range from 18- 65 with the median age being in their late 30’s. This number is counting both male and female population with a male being 93.3% of inmates and females being 6.7%. The number of inmates has steadily increased since 1980 with only having approximately less than 50,000 but today the number has gone more up. Drug offenses are the highest number of inmate’s imprisonment, the next higher offense would be weapons, explosives and arson; immigration and miscellaneous fall next in lines. The number of the other offenses, such as robbery, extortion, fraud, bribery, burglary, larceny, property offenses and other offenses are lower. Overcrowding prisons have become problematic as the prisons population continues to increase, leading to proper care and attention to prisoners. The Discriminator The Criminal Justice System Policy has changed over the past years, whether that has been for good or for worse; depending on what point of view one’s sees it. This can be seen in the tough on crime approach by legislators and the criminal justice system. Policies were made to deter crime and

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