Overcrowding in Schools Essay example

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Overcrowding in Schools

 As our population increases, schools are being faced with the problems of overcrowding and under funding. Many school districts are proposing a year round education program. I feel that year round education is only a "quick fix" for school districts and will be detrimental to teachers, children, and families. Many schools are building trailers and additions to accommodate a higher capacity of students. Some districts are proposing building new schools. This raises issues of changing boundarie bussing, and higher taxes. Some districts are proposing a multi- track year round education program. On the surface, year round education seems a logical solution to the overcrowding. Children are
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If the teachers choose to substitute they will miss out on their breaks, leaving little time for planning and relaxation. Teachers will miss out on programs to further their education, thus stunting their prof sional growth. Administrators get a worse deal.
They are now responsible for four ""mini schools"" and school is always in session so getting away is sometimes hard. Some plans offer to hire a second principal justified by the increased population. Another expense i urred by the year round education plan. Year round education may affect the quality of education for some children. Teachers with more education, credentials, and tenure will opt for the preferred track. Children on the less preferred track will get a different quality of education. Good t chers in general may prefer schools who have the traditional school year. The year round education plan also takes a toll on the family time in many ways. In some plans two children from the same family may not be on the same track and therefore do not have the same breaks. Scheduling time for family outings will be harder One child will always have to mind a bedtime. Taking family vacations is impossible unless one child is taken out of school. Non custodial parents will also have a problem spending their time with their children. Now most active non-custodial parents take their children for a large portion of the Summer break. This time spent with the

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