Overfishing, Crisis Or Overthought?

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Overfishing, Crisis or Overthought?

In today's world we have a problem, a very big, yet very underestimated problem in which if not solved, could lead to the extinction of nearly all fresh and saltwater aquatic life on our great earth. This problem is overfishing and it’s against the law. In this time of great advancements and inventions, us humans have made many tools to make our lives easier… at the cost of our environment. Deep sea fishermen have been using illegal fishing techniques through loopholes in federal law. These loopholes allow said deep sea fishermen to take far more fish *and other life* than lawfully allowed. Professor Eugene Buck explains.“States generally have jurisdiction within 3 miles of the coast. Beyond state …show more content…

states how overfishing can be easily solved and is not a problem at the moment “The first reason for overfishing should not be an issue in the near future. Academic researchers in the developed world are using technological advances to build a comprehensive understanding of the health of the world’s fisheries, and this knowledge should and will be disseminated rapidly.”(Trevor). He is explaining that there are people working on a way to combat the rapid decline in the fish population and overfishing can continue for at least a while without much …show more content…

Expert Bill Fox explains the effects of fish leaving or being taken from the area “Targeted fishing of top predators (such as billfish, sharks and tuna) eventually disrupts marine communities, causing increased abundance of smaller marine animals at the bottom of the food chain. This in turn has impacts on the rest of the marine ecosystem, such as the increased growth of algae and threats to coral reef health. Overfishing is also closely tied to bycatch, another serious marine threat that causes the needless loss of billions of fish, along with marine turtles and cetaceans.”(Fox). If this shows what will happen if the predators leave an area, what would happen if all of the small fish leave an area? For one, Coastal communities around the world depend on fish as their primary source of protein. Overfishing threatens their long-term food security, particularly in developing countries. Secondly the predators in an area will have to compete against each other for food, leading to a decline in the predator population. Overfishing is a major crisis Overfishing is a problem that can be easily solved with added supervision by the law, yet some believe that overfishing is a problem that should not be worried about, and those are the few that influence the government to be so lenient. Overfishing too much in an area can lead to the endangerment

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