Overfishing Is A Problem For A Long Time

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Over fishing has been a worldwide problem for a long time. Overfishing is not only a problem for Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) but with many other marine animals. The economic effect overfishing has on the cost of fishing and how it affects people is important. Overfishing has a huge economic effect on fishermen and the cost of fishing. Even though many people believe that overfishing is not that big of a problem, it seems to be an ongoing problem in the world. Overfishing is a major problem today and seems to be going unnoticed. People need to be aware of the negative economic effects in order to change their ways. Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves…show more content…
Illegal fishing and unsustainable harvesting still plague the industry (“Overfishing”). A public grown accustomed to abundant seafood and largely apathetic about the plight of the ocean complicates efforts to repair the damage we’ve done (“Overfishing”). Overfishing is and has been a very important business to those who rely on it. For this to still happen all over the world shows how little people really care about this horrible act. The Bluefin tuna, which has been endangered for several years and has the misfortune to be prized by the Japanese sushi lovers, has suffered a catastrophic decline in stocks in the Northern Pacific Ocean, of more than 96% (“Overfishing causes Pacific Bluefin tuna numbers to drop 96%”, 2013). For a long time, Bluefin tuna have been a worldwide problem. It seems that nobody really wants to stop it, it seems that people put little effort into a major problem. One Bluefin tuna sold in Japan for more than £1m, reflecting the rarity of the Bluefin tuna and the continued demand for its fatty flesh (“Overfishing causes Pacific Bluefin tuna numbers to drop 96%”, 2013). An interesting fact from this newspaper was that “more than nine out of 10 of the species recently caught were too young to have reproduced, meaning they may have been the last generation of the Bluefin tuna” (“Overfishing causes Pacific Bluefin tuna numbers to drop 96%”, 2013). Amanda Nickson, of the Pew Environment Group said “There is no logical way a fishery can have such a

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