Overfishing Is A Serious Problem

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Overfishing is a serious problem that often gets overlooked. In the article by Udy Bell, called “Overfishing: A Threat to Marine Biology,” Bell talks about how only 1 percent of the world’s oceans are marine protected areas (MPAs). MPAs not only help protect oceans by allowing habitats to recover from damage caused by overfishing but also allow fish to safely reproduce. Due to fishing fish faster then they can reproduce, many species of fish are going endangered or already endangered of being extinct. Species like whales, dungongs, sea cows, codfish, jewfish, sharks, and other marine vertebrates are examples of fish that are being overfished. Overfishing was addressed at the World Summit in Johannesburg, Africa in 2002 (Bell 17). At the World Summit, many experts in the field of overfishing agreed that the most effective way to battle overfishing is by creating and establishing more MPAs around the world. Although overfishing is a serious problem, there are ways to solve the problem like creating Marine Protected Areas. Gutierrez 2

Humans are the ones responsible for the damage caused to our oceans by overfishing. MPAs are essential to preserve and protect the biological diversity of the oceans (Kechington, Ward, Hegerl 7). In “The Benefits of Marine Protected Areas,” by Richard Kenchington, Trevor Ward, and Eddie Hegerl, talk about why MPAs are crucial to the prevention of overfishing. In a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) study, over 70% of fish…
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