Overfishing: the Problem and the Solution Essay example

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Overfishing: The Problem and the Solution
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Overfishing: The Problem and the Solution

A major environmental problem that has developed over the last few years is overfishing. What is overfishing? Overfishing is simply what it sounds like. Overfishing occurs when fishermen are catching fish so quickly and at such high rates that the fish are unable to reproduce fast enough to replenish the population. It is my belief that, if this has not always been a problem, it has always been a problem in the making. This problem has progressively gotten worse as the human population that relies on fish as a food resource has increased and the equipment and techniques used by the fishermen have
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Some of the actions that can be taken in order to reverse the problems that overfishing has caused include: inform the public, put restrictions on catch limits, reduce bycatch, protect habitats, and enforce all new policies. The following plan lays out the steps that will occur with each action and when these actions should be taken.

Action Items:

Inform the public including consumers and fishermen of the problems and what can be done to make a change.

Action Steps:

Research and identify the long term effects that overfishing will have.

Conduct interviews with both environmentalists and experts on the issue as well as fishermen in order to present both sides of the argument.

Attend a city council meeting to introduce the idea and the importance of a presentation as well as schedule a time for one to be made.

Present information on what overfishing is, the impact that overfishing has on the marine ecosystem and on our existence, make consumers more aware of the type and amount of fish that they eat, and actions that can be taken to reverse the problem.


Month 1-4

Action Items:

Put restrictions on catch limits.

Action Steps:

Scientists should assess and determine the total number of fish that could be caught without a negative impact.

These levels should be constantly monitored and adjusted to accommodate changes.


Month 5-12

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