Overlapping Stories of Osiris and Jesus Essay

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This is a comparative essay of Osiris and Jesus. In this essay I will compare the two stories on 8 points that I found kind of overlap on one another. It should be pointed out that the Egyptian myth came around more than 2000 years before Jesus was even said to be born. The first topic is the Birth of the two Gods and the signs given as to when they came. When Osiris was born To Geb the Egyptian Earth God and Nut the Sky goddess a voice came to Pamyles to spread the good word and Pamyles attended him for life. When Jesus was born in Jerusalem he was born of the Virgin Mary and of the father Joseph. The night he was born a voice came down from heaven and a shepherd tending his flock heard it and went to see the child, also three wise…show more content…
The Pharisee’s plotted to get Jesus killed because of what he taught and how it affected the church controlled state. While Osiris did not have jealous outsiders, the jealousy that would eventually kill him was within his own family, his brother Seth who wanted the crown and Isis his wife for his very own. Both Jesus and Osiris had a “last supper or Feast”. Osiris had one with his family when he returned from his travels. Seth and 72 coconspirators tricked him and locked him in a coffin and threw it into the Nile. Jesus had a last supper with his 12 disciples taking bread and wine and giving Christians the tradition of communion. After the last supper Jesus went to the gardens to pray and was betrayed by Judas and given to the Roman soldiers, like Osiris was betrayed by his brother Seth as Jesus’s disciples were like his family. The next point is that both died of wood. Jesus died on a wooden cross after he was beaten and tortured by the roman soldiers. Osiris died of wood also in his story his coffin floats down the Nile until it got stuck on a great tree and was encased by the tree. The tree was then cut down by a used as a great pillar in a palace. The annual flooding of the Nile is supposed to represent this story as the flood come from the tears after Osiris died much the same way Christians follow the Easter Story every year. In Jesus’s story after he died on the cross he was taken down and buried
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