Overpaid Athletes Research Paper

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The athlete's responsibilities is to do what they been told too by coaches and doctors and be the very best at every competition to bring their country some gold metals. In the film it talked about how the successful athletes enjoyed freedom and their fellow citizens did not, so they became the public face of the German Democratic Republic. But, they really didn’t have that much freedom to have any free time because of the way they treated their athletes like a military. For example Katharina Bullin one of the athletes who spoke out on how everything was an order by saying “School, training, school, training, you had no time, in fact the word free time didn’t exist. Everything was an order. Put on your hat or you’ll be punished. Wear a thermal vest or you’ll be punished. After the 1st of October, don’t eat ice cream in public or you’ll be punished”(Bullin). Which go to show, the responsibility of being an olympian.…show more content…
The athletes was given pills not knowing what it was but the coaches knew and had to keep quiet and not say anything about the doping that was going on with their athletes which is wrong for them to not tell them of what is really inside of those drug but money play a huge
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