Overpopulated And Polluted To The Brim, My Birth City Of

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Overpopulated and polluted to the brim, my birth city of Hyderabad in India is rife with healthcare issues. The sweltering heat and abundance of mosquitoes make medical conditions such as malaria and dengue fever common, which I understood even as an eight year old. But it was an entirely different experience when I saw an elderly, impoverished man fall down before my eyes. His eyes rolled back into his head, and I stared in shock. My grandfather burst through the house gate, carried the man into our cool home, and poured water between the man’s lips. Several minutes later, he stirred, and my grandfather gave him a fresh meal and new clothes. I was impressed by what my grandfather had done; despite not being a medical professional, he was…show more content…
Using this information and a list of common ailments faced by the locals, the doctors helped me sort through my thoughts and come up with an understanding of the diagnoses.
Many patients had walked for hours to receive treatment at the free clinics we set up. It was evident the extent to which basic medical needs were lacking, and when one woman said that God himself had come down to take care of her, I realized the difference we were making to each individual. Moreover, I understood that the healing power of medicine is the ability to bond with and comfort another person. Upon returning to the US, I volunteered at Collin County Adult Clinic to dedicate more time to underserved individuals. I reported patient vitals and histories to the PA, who then examined the patient. Many patients were anxious that their health issues would keep them from working, so I attempted to put them at ease by talking and listening to them. One woman complained of bloating and diarrhea, so I asked whether dairy foods aggravated her symptoms; she assumed I was a doctor and was surprised when I could not prescribe her medication. The PA confirmed, as I suspected, that the woman was lactose intolerant. The patient later thanked me for my amicable and professional behavior. Such interactions at the clinic gave me confidence working with patients. Life as

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