Overpopulation: A Dystopian Society

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Imagine this, a dystopian society where the ground, everywhere, is black with asphalt, because all the forests have been cut down and houses cover the area. Inevitably, all animals have become extinct because their homes have been destroyed and the demanding population has consumed all natural resources. The only thing in abundance, mankind. The crowded streets swarming with people every second of the day and the overpopulated world itself seem like frivolous problems now, however, it is the unrivaled cause of everything. This problem must be solved, and the only way to do so, is for the government to enact new laws and regulations.
Many problems currently trouble humanity, and everybody will argue that the problems they are currently facing
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With the introduction of agricultural and the rise of the Industrial Revolution, living standards have been elevated, while epidemics and famine have been diminished ( Ever since the 18th century, the human race has only continued to make improvements. For example, in the medical field. The creation of vaccines, medicine, and an increased knowledge of the spread of diseases have all helped to eliminate common causes of death, leading to overpopulation. Not only is overpopulation caused by an accelerated number of births, but it is also due to a decrease in the number of deaths, with 360,000 people are being born every day and only 151,600 deaths a day…show more content…
In his article “Solving the Human Predicament” he proposes that a possible solution would be “empowering women and providing family planning services to all sexually active people” (557). However, results would take decades until they become evident. If the solution in this article is implemented, results will be apparent almost instantly. Ehrlich solution would also require an unknown amount of resources, whereas this solution would finance itself, due to the proposed fine.
Other counter arguments include to immorality and unjustness of the proposed solutions. People my cry that forcing someone to take another's life is corrupt. Nevertheless, this is the only possible solution. Sacrificing a few lives will not only save the many buy will also provide a better suited life for everyone. Would the human race rather live seventy years in a world where the environment is deteriorating by the second. Or, alternatively, a future where the environment has amounted to skyscrapers, crowded with people in every inch. If this solution is not inacted on immediately than mankind can throw away any desire of prosperous
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