Overpopulation And Too Few Jobs At South Africa

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Question 1

• Unemployment
• Due to lack of education, citizens cannot be hired because they have little or no knowledge of the job.
• Overpopulation and too few jobs in South Africa.
• Some citizens refuse to work when they are given an opportunity to have a job.

• Lack of education
• No space in all schools, government had built few schools.
• No money for tertiary which leads to unemployment.
• Some teachers have poor content of knowledge and not enough time for pupils.

• Crime
• The rate of violent crime in South Africa is high.
• Crime rate increases by the police allowing the criminals they have caught to bribe them.

• Poverty
• The government makes empty promises of improving the lives of the poor.
• Half of the population in …show more content…

Own definition
• Unemployment is when a person does not have a job and will not be able to make a money or get a salary at the end of the day.

How it links
• The government participates in the policies of unemployment poorly. The democratic institutions increase public debates, a free press, and the appearance of a rising political opposition. The National Bargaining Council, an organisation linked to COSATU and SACP urged low-skilled workers to believe that jobs below minimum wage could not be undertaken even with them being jobless and they demand to increase minimum wages for the low-skilled labour which creates more unemployment.

• South Africa has been experiencing a serious skills shortage of the economy, a challenge which has some extent contributed to
• The level of education and skills does not become an advantage of being employed, in South Africa there is a high rate of unemployed graduates.

• There are high levels of poverty and inequality which directly links and is evident to the country’s unemployment.

• In the mid-1990s even though the economic growth improved unemployment has, until recently, persistently increased and in 1994 when ANC came to power it inherited a country which was besieged by unemployment.

• Many jobs in South Africa are being taken by the immigrants which increases unemployment for the residents.

Question 3
• Nando’s have implemented many CSR projects to

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