Overpopulation Is More Than Just A Crowded Planet

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In the year 1 A.D., the Earth’s population was 300 million. In 1850, after many decades of consistent population growth, it eventually surpassed one billion. From that point on in history, the world population began to climb rapidly (Haub). Each year, the world population surpasses what any scientist has ever thought possible. Some would consider this expansion as a sign of success considering the causes of a rapidly growing population include improved health care, new technology, progressive eras such as the Industrial Revolution, and an overall developing human race (Kinder). However, the current world population no longer signifies progression; it signifies regression. Today, the Earth’s human population is approaching overpopulation. Overpopulation is more than just a crowded planet. The definition of overpopulation is, “…too many people for the amount of food, materials, and space available…” (Cambridge Dictionaries). This means that overpopulation will impact crucial aspects of the planet and not just increase city sizes. Robert Kolb suggested in the Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society that the Industrial Revolution is one of the main causes of the spark of rapid population growth. When industry developed, family sizes expanded, economic health boomed, and populations spiked all over the world. Since the Industrial Revolution, the Earth’s number of inhabitants has been consistently growing, which could lead to overpopulation. Overpopulation will affect every

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