Overpopulation Is Not The Issue

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Overpopulation is blamed for many of todays problems around the world including poverty, hunger, and war. In reality, overpopulation is not the issue. In fact, the term “overpopulation” shouldn’t even be used because it makes one infer that there is too many people on this planet. That, however, is not true. There are plenty of resources to go around and the population may actually be declining instead of growing. Overpopulation will not be an issue for the future of planet Earth because the poverty rate is decreasing, there is plenty of food for everyone, and birth rates are going down. Poverty decreases as population increases. Poverty isn’t a disease its the lack of a thing like darkness. Poverty usually exists when infrastructure…show more content…
A single human being is incapable of solving some of the most basic problems that need to be solved in order for their lives to improve. With community, however, there is an assembly of minds and an increase in labor that allows people to solve a problem and accomplish a harder and more complex task (Episode 4: Poverty). More people actually helps lower poverty rates. People have more opportunities in urban areas to increase education therefore getting a higher paying job and bringing them out of poverty. There is plenty of food to go around, it just isn’t always distributed evenly. “The world currently produces enough food for everybody, but many people do not have access to it” (What Causes Hunger?). Something along these line was said by both the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFO). We can grow more food on less land now because of genetically modified plants. Plant breeders have worked to find the best variety of plants that can produce the most and resist disease and other natural problems. Since many plants have been genetically modified, they produce higher yields. We are also able to grow food in places where it has now been able to be grown before. This is because of modern technology such as better irrigation systems, adding nutrients and chemicals to the soils, and finding crops that would better adapt to a
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