Overpopulation : Preserve The World

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Overpopulation: Preserve The World

If there was a way to have a better life for you and your loved ones would you take it? Or would you rather not take the opportunity and struggle throughout the rest of your life, this will happen by world overpopulation. In the past, Overpopulation started out from the baby boom which increased the birthrate, and according to Ewan Mcleish the author of “Overcrowded World, (16)” he stated that it made 40% of the national population. Today, overpopulation is a national crisis, and it will affect us much worse in the future. So my solution to world overpopulation is to eliminate the elderly 72 and over. By supporting my proposal, this will decrease the population rate and make us have a better living and a better economy for the future.
Overpopulation is a major problem, as of right now the world population rate is 74 million people per year, stated by Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser. According to the United Nations, they have predicted that the world population will reach over 9.6 billion people in the year of 2050. Some may wonder what causes overpopulation to escalate so much, but there are numerous of reasons for overpopulation, the explanations are a decline in the death rate, enhance medical facilities, immigration, and families are developing. These statistics demonstrate how the population will continue to grow. Gioietta Kuo stated in her Journal “MegaCrisis? Overpopulation is the problem”, “That unemployment is already
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