Overpopulation Pressures Our Natural Resources and Environment

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The growing concerns of population are not limited to environmental degradation such as losses of biodiversity, soil depletion, and toxic rivers and oceans. It goes further through the risks it imposes of “epidemics, resource war, terrorism, and deaths from violent climatic events” (Ehrlich and Ehrlich 2012). Malthus argued that, people growth respond to wage or income that correlate negatively with the size of population (Lee 2011). On the other hand, climate change correlates positively with increase population. The pollutants such as greenhouse gas emissions from industry, transportation, agricultural activities, deforestation, and desertification are all associated with massive population growth. Thus, overpopulation is major…show more content…
This paper is conducted to investigate the consequences of overpopulation and the pressure it enforce on natural resources and ecosystems. This study emphasizes the outcomes of overpopulation which impose threatening problems for both humans and nature. The main question associated with issue will be: what are the procedures to mitigate the intensity of this social and environmental problem?
Population growth implications
The importance of population growth is derived from the impacts and problems that caused damage to surrounding environment. Cassils (2004) argued that the pattern in population growth had change over decades:
“The pattern of human population growth in the 20th century was more bacterial than primate. When Homo sapiens passed the six-billion mark we had already exceeded by perhaps as much as 100 times the biomass of any large animal species that ever existed on the land. We and the rest of life cannot afford another 100 years like that.” (Cassils 2004, 176)
The reason behind this change is that people are unable to substitute their short-term objectives with long-term ones (Cassils 2004). Human demands had been increased over the available resources on earth. These demands will lead to “scarcity, chaos, and collapse” of the current civilization if no precautionary measures applied (Cassils 2004). People and policy makers often neglect the fact that the social and economic
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