Overpopulation : The Biggest Flaw Of The Human Population

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The biggest fear regarding overpopulation is if there are enough resources to supply the unlimited demand of the human population. The real problem is not that the resources of earth can’t sustain the population, but that they are not used efficiently enough. The fluctuating population densities and the means to efficiently use the resources are some of the biggest flaws of the human population. When overpopulation is debated about the main concerns besides the plight of the dense populations are the birth rate, standard of living, and ecological well-being which are all on the low/negative side of any spectrum when comparing the earth in its entirety. Urban populations cost so much to the environment and is unlikely to change. The consensus of human organization should be to sustain the earth’s species and environments.
According to a United Nations survey the population of earth is expected to reach its peak at 2050. The birth rate is not as high as it was in the past; fertility rate is declining, especially in densely populated /urban areas. As the standard of living in countries increases people migrate for a better lifestyle because life in rural areas falls behind the current urban areas. Before 1970 India’s average rate of birth per woman was 1.5 and in China five to six births per woman. As the birth rate decreases the life expectancy for people has increased due to advancing medical care. Today the average birth rate per woman for India and China is 1.5. In first…
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