Overpopulation : The Biggest Flaw Of The Human Population

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The biggest fear regarding overpopulation is if there are enough resources to supply the unlimited demand of the human population. The real problem is not that the resources of earth can’t sustain the population, but that they are not used efficiently enough. The fluctuating population densities and the means to efficiently use the resources are some of the biggest flaws of the human population. When overpopulation is debated about the main concerns besides the plight of the dense populations are the birth rate, standard of living, and ecological well-being which are all on the low/negative side of any spectrum when comparing the earth in its entirety. Urban populations cost so much to the environment and is unlikely to change. The…show more content…
Between 1965 and 1970 the growth rate of the human population peaked at 2.1%, and is presently at 1.1%. This shows that the rising populations are due to the increase of life expectancy. The United Nations predicts that when the population hits its peak that it will instead decrease by one billion every twenty years. The population has been increasing but the rate at which it is increasing is falling.
One of the more immediate problems that comes along with overpopulation is access to food and clean water which I some cases is the main problem. Famine and disease are able to sweep through entire populations. Multi-national efforts have been mate but little has been resolved completely. According to the U.N.-water of the 75% of water that covers earth, 97.5% is ocean and 2.5% is usable water. 30% of freshwater is divided between glaciers, ice caps, rivers, lakes, ponds, and groundwater. Because of human pollution and means to reach freshwater, only .003% of the water on earth is directly and readily accessible for human usage. A liter of water a day is needed a day to sustain a human being and 1600 liters is used to feed them.
In 2006 the largest birthrate generation, only the first half of the 78 million baby boomers has turned sixty years old. The baby boomers caused a lot of demand from enterprise for more efficient means of raising children. When the baby boomers reach a milestone in age it is
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