Overpopulation : The Problem Facing The World

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Overpopulation: when the number of existing humans exceeds the Earth 's carrying capacity resulting in resource depletion, poverty, lack in biodiversity, global warming, starvation, unemployment, the spread of disease, water contamination, desertification, CO2 emissions, climate change, and rising conflict between territories among many others. Although unrealized by most, these issues, as a result of overpopulation, are a major problem facing the world today due to the recent substantial increases in global population over the past century (Gavenus). Our planet is beginning to run out of available resources for the world 's more than 7 billion inhabitants. Overpopulation is causing both our renewable and nonrenewable resources such as…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution made huge advances in science and technology, which brought advances in medicine and farming methods, allowing the average life expectancy of the average human to grow exponentially. (James) There are more than seven billion people inhabiting the Earth today, while in 1960 there were only three billion people. (Best Population) If the population continues to grow at the same rate, in just 35 years the population will make a 38 percent jump to over 9 billion people, and by the end of the 21st century it could be over 14 billion. (Miller 58) (Hohm 45-46) The main effect of overpopulation is the rapid depletion of the world 's natural resources. The United States uses up more resources than any nation on Earth, while only making up 5 percent of the world’s population. (Overpopulation Encyclopedia) Developing nations are trying to enhance the quality of life in their country. To improve the quality of life, they are using more and more resources and energy to keep everyone safe, happy and to increase their nations life expectancy. (Hohm 45-46) Humans are starting to use up resources such as food and fuel faster than they can replace them and are running out of available space for farmers to be able to grow food. Since farmers are unable to produce enough food to feed everyone with the limited amount of space, they turn to animals as a main food source which is causing overfishing

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