Overpopulation and The End of the World as We Know It

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Many years ago, Aristotle discussed about the best size for a city, and arrived at a conclusion that “a big increase in the number of population would bring a level of poverty on the citizenry. Poverty will be the cause of all evils including sedition” (Overpopulation: Environmental and Social Problems, 2010). According to studies, human population is expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. On the economics point of view, as global population is predicted to grow and more countries become more developed, the demand for natural resources will also increase and may be greater than the supply. Much of the growth in population will also have strong economic growth, and this will occur in developing countries. As the per-capita income of these nations increase, the demand for raw materials for use in electronics, military, farming and urban development will also increase. Because of the global warming issue, green energy and green tech production are expected to rise in developed countries. Unfortunately, future supply of these natural resources may not be able to meet the increasing demand (Supply and Demand, 2013). This essay aims to explain what things could happen to the world if the demand for natural resources becomes greater than its supply due to overpopulation. Does overpopulation causes the demand for natural resources to be greater than the supply, and what things could happen as a consequence for this? Yes, overpopulation results in higher demand for natural

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