Essay about Overpopulation in the United States

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Overpopulation in the United States The world is being over populated with humans not only in China but in the United States of America as well. The problem isn’t as obvious in the United States as in other countries, but I believe over-populated nations will soon become a problem everywhere in the world. Population is not a bad thing in all situations, but I think that our population growth problem is un-healthy and needs to slow down. I believe there are several ways to come about this problem as well. Population can be slowed down in many ways; it’s just how we choose to execute this problem. I do not think drastic measurements need to take place in order to slow down our rapid growth in the United States. Regulations and higher …show more content…
The government went into even more drastic measurements for this policy, forcing abortions, sterilizations, and fines on an entire village when a birth that was not supposed to happen occurred. China is a male-orientated country; therefore, females got the short end of the stick when it came down to the one-child policy. For example, if you were supposed to have a girl they would force you to try harder for a boy because males were more valuable in China. China is still very over populated to this day, and I believe it is carrying on into the United States. This worries me because I would not want to be involved or participate in the one-child policy. That is why I believe that, though right now our population is not a problem, it soon can become one, and it should start to be controlled and organized better then what it is being now. Abortions and sterilization were enforced in China to slow down their population problem. In order for us to slow down our population problem in the United States I do not think abortions are necessary. I think less drastic measures can take place in order to slow down reproduction. For example, in order to go to school, every child must get shots. They are mandatory, or else you cannot go to school; it’s required by the government. I think the government should make it mandatory that all females be on some kind of birth control, such as the shot, patch pill, etc., until
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