Overprotective In Law

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What has happened to our freedom? What happened to America being known as “the land of the free”? Many believe the government today is infringing on our basic rights as humans. Some say they are unable to make their own choices because the government already does it for them. These are all very true as there is a nationwide opinion on this topic. However, the government states they are creating these laws for the protection of their citizens. Protection is their #1 priority, or as they say. Basic rights are being taken away with many of these unnecessary laws. Sure some of these laws have an argument for being implemented, but many are interfering severely with one’s personal choice. Many government policies are too overprotective and impede on rights that we all desperately deserve. A multitudinous number of laws are redundant in our law system today and a select few can arguably be…show more content…
Laws such as the recent proposal by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to ban a variety of sugary drinks in the city’s food establishments (“America’s ‘Nanny State’ laws”). This specific law interferes greatly with one’s personal choice. People begin questioning id the government is going too far and becoming too overprotective. Laws like this one and for instance not being allowed to drive in public with a “muddy car” take away from freedoms given to the people. All these laws are making people feel controlled in a “free” environment. These restraining laws lead many to believe that, “politicians and bureaucrats know more about how to live your life, manage your health, and raise your kids than you do” (The Nanny State). I believe an assortment of laws are pointless and unneeded because people should be allowed to make their choice if they want to abide by the, which are now laws, rules that they are being forced to
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