Overseas Chinese and Chinese People Essay

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American-Chinese America is a nation consisting of people from different areas with multiple cultures. As a result, lots of Americans have their ancestors in other countries. Even though they are called “Americans”, they have a special identity, that is, hyphenated Americans actually. Chinese-Americans have been one of the large groups of hyphenated Americans since a long time ago. This passage mainly observes the living conditions of Chinese-Americans in America and tries to analyze how the hyphenation identity impacts their thoughts and life. The first section gives a brief introduction about Chinese-American, including its history and construction. Then the passage unpacks their living conditions, such as careers, consumption and …show more content…
They operated Chinese restaurant and undertook pure labor work for a long time. Along with the becoming of violent juntoes there, it is more difficult for Chinatown to catch up with the modern pace. (Irwin & Genthe, 2010, pp. 137)

Although divided into two parts, the two groups both have the common identity. That is, hyphenated American. As a hyphenated American, one of the most common scenes they have to face up is discrimination and hostility from some natives. Chinese people seem to have nothing in common with natives: different beliefs, different habits and different culture. People can not deny the fact that Chinese-Americans have gains as well as loss influenced by the special identity. (Sowell, 2011, pp.244)
First of all, the hyphenated American identity confuses some traditional Chinese-Americans. It is hard for some old Chinese immigrants to accept the hyphenated identity since they are still Chinese people in their deep mind. At the same time, most ideas and concepts, as well as daily habits, are difficult for traditional immigrants to be used to. The novel Scrapping (Wang, 2000) has presented the conflicts in an extreme way. Scrapping is a kind of treatment in Chinese. However, it has been regarded as children abuse in America. Xu Datong, he hero in the story was charged with children abuse surprisingly. They struggled to prove their innocence but failed at last. The family
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