Overseas Contingency Support Assignment ( Osa )

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Overseas Contingency Support Assignment Imagine you are a detailer and you receive notification that a critical mission will go gapped because a Sailor did not submit their Operational Screening. Senior Enlisted Leaders are should know the importance of completing and reporting the results of Operational Screening in a timely matter. This essay will cover a brief background of the Overseas Contingency Operation Support Assignment (OSA), discuss a problem within the program and give recommendations for decreasing delays in Operation Screening reporting and unexpected mission drops. Problem To begin we will first discuss a brief history of the OSA program. In November of 2010 the OSA program replace the Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment (GSA) for Enlisted Sailor (Navy Personnel Command, 2015, para 2). This program is a volunteer based program, when a Sailors decided that they are interested in taking a mission, their first step is to selected the OSA duty type on the duty preference page of CMS-ID (NAVADMIN 334/10, para 3). When the selection is made the Sailor is contacted by the detailer or should make contact with the detailer to find out what mission are available. If missions are available and the Sailor meets all of the requirements, the Sailor is then nominated to United States Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) for the mission. When accepted for the mission, Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD) orders are issued within two weeks of the Sailor’s acceptance. At

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