Overstepping: Not Believing In God

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To end off, not believing in God correlates to not believing in anything else in the world. With not believing in God, who is most powerful, the most gracious, the known creator, the sustainer, the provider, and everything in existence, one will have difficulty developing logical, rational, ethical, moral principles in life. Our surrounding environment surrounds everything in life, and with our settings it helps us to believe, question, rationalize, analyze every aspect with the help of God. Not doing so, one will think, believe, and do whatever is right and just to them overstepping the mandates of moral and ethical politics. Overstepping will cause one not to realize what is right and just in the world, which in turn will create chaos and…show more content…
. . .” I repeated the whole Psalm, over and over, with a sudden clar­ity of memory. First it was a prayer; then it became the answer to the prayer. I was suddenly aware of another presence in the stark hospital cell, not exactly visible, but unmistakably, pow­erfully there. It was this new Christ I’d been reading about. There was no doubt of it; this Son of God was saying: “Come to Me . . .” and He was there. As the Psalm continued to flow through my mind it was as if He took me to Himself, held me, and filled me with a peace and a quiet that left me sure that everything was going to be all right, no matter what came next. Whether I lived or died, I had nothing to fear: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me (Johnson, para.15) Turing to God for guidance, He will make life clear to those in disbelief in Him and other things. Trusting and having faith in God will ultimately give one a sense of comfort in life with the doings in life, as they will gain true moral practices that is known to the world. Therefore, not believing in God makes one in a state of disbelief with everything else in the world. As one did not have the proper support and leadership through their course of life, makes
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