Overtime Management At My Workplace

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Overtime Management is my topic of my essay, my plan is once my audience will start reading my arguments, they will continue reading it, feeling engaged and wanting to know more information about this topic. Overtime is not being properly managed at my workplace because employees have been overusing it without management 's permission. Unfortunately, the former department head had some challenges and one of them was making the right management decisions, the lack of staff made her use overtime to cover the department’s daily operations, the manager also felt overwhelmed by the busy environment that reduced her performance which lead over sixty employees working extra hours and abusing the overtime with no supervision for months. Employees have a new manager and changes such as overtime had become one of the biggest challenges for the department. Overtime proper techniques should be incorporated to reduce labor costs and help the company have and increase their profits. I want to persuade my argument to my main audience (hourly employees at my workplace) to help them understand that reducing overtime is better for them and the company by showing actual facts of why the extra hours needs to be reduced or eliminated. Overtime is creating losses in the company and it will have more serious consequences such as employees losing their jobs, if overtime doesn 't get managed properly as soon as possible. The main reason for my paper is to help employees from my workplace to
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