Overuse Of Technology

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Today’s youth has become accustom to “Technology” and has highly integrated it into their everyday life. Over the years of “Technology” advancing, Doctors and Psychiatrist have done studies trying to answer the big question of “How Does Overuse of Technology Negatively Effect Our Youth?”. There are many supporting theories and scientific studies to prove and or show the negative side effects of the overuse of technology in Americas young ones. There are a few main ones that are most concerning; Technology overuse causing extreme developmental issues in the most important stages of sensory, social and emotional development and coming up short. The overuse of technology affecting the way we think, sleep, absorb important information and our ability to multitask (Horvath). The need to learn when to put down “Technology” and reconnect with the world around them. Last, overuse causing depression, disconnect, feelings of being alone and overall behavioral issues (Hatch). Although some forms of “Technology” can be beneficial, we now look at the negative aspects of “Technology”. “Technology” has become an easy source for the new generation of parents, to keep their children occupied. Studies are now beginning to show the negative sides of that “easy” source. There are certain stages that are most beneficial to a child’s growth and development, stages that turn them into functioning human beings. During these certain stages, they are supposed to learn and develop
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