Overuse Of Technology On Children Research Paper

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The negative effects of the overuse of technology on children can seem overwhelming, considering how widespread it is used today and its future role in American society. What can be done to try to compress these possible effects on children? The answer may not be found too far from the surface, but it is a simple and effective solution; technology should be used in moderation with developing children. Parents and guardians play a huge part in this, like explained from before with the factor of parenting styles. They are the caretakers of the children, and they spend the most time with them allowing them to monitor their children’s activities. Parents and guardians can regulate how much time their children spend using technology at home. Parents do not have to be overly strict about these limits, but to just keep in mind how often their children use technology. William Bowden explains this as how parents should monitor the use of technology for their children when they are young, and when they are older, the children will be more responsible and can use it by themselves. The accessibility of electronics ties into this. Parents should also be aware of the appropriate age that their children…show more content…
Its potential is endless, and its boundaries are limitless. Technology will always be around, but if we are to be successful with it we have to realize the effects it can have on young children who overuse it. We need to be mindful of the social, emotional, mental, behavioral, and developmental issues for young children that can come from overusing technology. Children need to have limits for using it, and need to be encouraged and provided with other stimulating activities as a substitute to prevent overuse. If these small steps are taken, children will grow and flourish into a future that is bright. They will gain what they need to be successful at a young age, and carry it with them throughout their lives. But above all, they will
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