Overuse Of Trigger Warnings On College Students

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Jacqueline Valladares ENG 300 Ms. Stinson 23rd March 2015 Overuse of Trigger Warnings The term trigger warning is a statement at the beginning of a piece of writing or video, alerting the audience that it contains distressing material. But why have trigger warnings been prevailing? Why is the subject upsetting college students, academics, film-makers, etc.? Once a minute subject affecting a small section of the population, the use of trigger warning has now become a debate. A debate on whether our society is using triggers to an extreme measure or if they are actually really necessary. There are two articles that will be mentioned later on, both discuss the issue on the topic and how it is affecting college students. The reality that society doesn’t see is that trigger warnings are being taken advantage of. One article, written by Jenny Jarvie, titled “Trigger Happy: The Trigger Warning has Spread from Blogs to College Classes. Can it be Stopped?” discusses the problem with trigger warnings on college campuses. Jarvie explains that trigger warnings on the internet have been around for years as a way to prepare for potentially disturbing subjects but are now becoming more universal. Recently, a group of students at the University of California, Santa Barbara passes a resolution imploring administrators to include mandatory content warnings in potentially offensive syllabi (Jarvis, 2015). The reason for wanting the use of trigger warnings for these students is to prevent the
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