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Data Tech, Inc. Data Tech, Inc. is in a position where expansion is inevitable. This is good for the owner because the business expansion holds the promise of increased revenues. However, Jeff, the business owner, has been running his company out of his two-car garage which is no longer sufficient because of capacity issues. Jeff is in a position where he has to move. The question is should he choose between one of the first two locations which are much larger than the capacity needed or should he choose the third location which is smaller and has the potential for expansion in the future. Based on the information provided, Jeff should choose the small location. A large part of this decision was based on the information provided using factor ratings (see Appendix). One of the most important factors of small business development is the location of the business which can include the nearness and access to certain factors determined by the business owner (Minai and Lucky, 2011). The factors listed in Jeff's report shows us what he considers to be important criteria to determine the size of the new location for his business. As we read in the case, there is a strong need for the business to be close to the airport as well as close to the post office. We know that Jeff travels a great deal to meet with clients and his company receives a great deal of mail from clients on a daily basis. We also know that there must be a relatively fast turnaround in processing the mail

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