Overview - Malaysia's Foreign Policy

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An Overview of Malaysia 's Foreign Policy As an extension of domestic policy, foreign policy is designed with the purpose in mind of defending and promoting the country 's national security, economic and other vital interests. Despite the diversity of views regarding the perception and explanation of foreign policy, no foreign policy can be formulated in a vacuum. It must serve to function in a dynamic environment. Malaysia 's foreign policy is no exception. Various geographical, historical, social and political determinants contribute to shaping the nature of Malaysia 's foreign policy and the conduct of the country 's international relations. Added to this is the external environment, or what may be termed as the systemic determinant,…show more content…
Malaysia in turn becomes the target for being "too vocal". But this is something that we need to take in our own stride if Malaysia is to be proactive at the global level. As a small developing-country player in the international arena, Malaysia needs to firmly uphold the principles of the UN charter as a defence of last resort. Certain fundamental principles governing interstate relations would continue to guide Malaysia 's relations with other countries. These refer to sovereign equality and mutual respect for territorial

integrity, mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other 's internal affairs, peaceful settlement of disputes as well as mutual benefit in relations and peaceful coexistence. These principles have stood the test of time. Indeed, our steadfast adherence to these principles, supported by a consistent foreign policy, has established for Malaysia certain credibility in the eyes of the international community. Malaysia has repeatedly stressed the importance of adhering to the especially important principle of non-interference in internal affairs, particularly in the context of regional relations. The so-called "constructive intervention" policy advocated by some, involving loud criticism, adversarial posturing and grand standing would only bring more harm than good to the promotion of neighbourly relations. We do make exceptions to the policy of non-interference in certain
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