Overview Of An Implementation Of A Healthcare System

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An implementation of a new system
As lead project manager, I will be creating an implementation of a new EHR system for a large multi-campus hospital system. Below I will be providing information regarding the methods that will be ensure a successful adoption of the new system. EHR is patient information collected electronically using a data warehouse so clinical information can be shared within healthcare organizations (Harrison, 2016). The process in which I am following will include, applying quality management tools, performance management measures, workflow concepts, and project management techniques to ensure positive outcomes and efficient workflow. As lead project manager, I will be dealing with problem solving, and decision making
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If we can find the main problem then we will be able to find the main causes and find solutions to fix them. With the fishbone diagram we can write down the problems and the possible cause to that problem. With the check list we can check off problems there are and what we have resolved, as we go down the list. This way we know what is finished and what is left to get done. “Quality management models require extensive planning and collecting relevant information about endusers” (MSG Team, 2017). When transitioning to an EHR system we need to make sure that we follow a plan that will make it a successful transition. Our plan will consist of 10 steps, these include, 1. Create the EHR core team, 2. Take charge of the planning process, 3. Map workflow processes: watch, ask, and Document the flow of informatioln, 4. Build our strategic plan, 5. Determine our specialty-specific clinical and fucntional elements and care goals, 6. Putting science and security to work in the selection process, 7. Narrow the selection, send RFI, specify demo criteria, 8. Build our budget, 9. Schedule a vendor site visit, and 10. Negotiate the contract (Hartley & Jones, 2012). To measure and manage performance during our transition to the new EHR we will educate our team on strengths and challenges, identify
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