Overview Of Internet And Telecom Services Providers

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Overview of internet and telecom services providers MTC and Leo are the two mobile providers in the country while Telecom Namibia continues to hold a monopoly over the fixed line market. There are six ISPs, with the major players being Africa Online, M-Web Namibia and Telecom Namibia. The following are some stats about the Internet market in Namibia. · Internet users: 280,288 users, 143rd in the world; 12.9% of the population, 162nd in the world (2012). · Fixed broadband: 60,188 subscriptions, 110th in the world; 2.8% of the population, 119th in the world (2012).[5][7] · Wireless broadband: 624,257 subscriptions, 86th in the world; 28.8% of the population, 56th in the world (2012).[8] · Internet hosts: 78,280 hosts, 84th in the world (2012).[1] · IPv4: 199,168 addresses allocated, less than 0.05% of the world total, 92.0 addresses per 1000 people (2012). Mobile coverage is good along the highways and densely populated aeas. 3G is available in large towns and villages. VOIP is technically illegal in Namibia, though Google Hangouts worked reliably as of March 2016. Wireless The wireless sector is dominated by Mobile Telecommunications (MTC), which is majority state-owned. Its sole competitor is the mobile arm of wholly state-owned fixed line incumbent Telecom Namibia (TN Mobile). MTC has 94.1% of the subscriber market, with around 2.235 million active SIMs, while TN Mobile claimed the remainder with around 140,000 customers, and a 21%

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