Overview Of Sexual Assault. Sexual Assault Is Quite Common

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Overview of Sexual Assault Sexual assault is quite common and one of the most underreported crimes in the world. L. N. Flair, D. L. Franko, and D. B. Herzog (2008) define sexual assault as “an unwanted sexual encounter experienced by women from adolescence onward” (p. 249). It has been discovered that around twelve to thirteen percent of females in the United States have experienced sexual assault (Briere & Scott, 2015). Although sexual assault may be brief and only occur once, it can impact the victim for many years afterward. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is frequently seen in victims of sexual assault. Other short- and long-term mental and physical health issues seen in victims of sexual assault are depression, substance…show more content…
A second reason could be that rates of alcohol and drug abuse are considerably lower in North Carolina. A third reason could be that people in the southeast are also more religious. More than 70% of the women who attended Duke attended church at least once a month (George & Winfield, 1992). These factors combined seemed to have an impact on the results of the study. It is more common for women to be sexually assaulted by an acquaintance or friend than a stranger. George and Winfield (1992) found that women under the age of forty-four were more likely to be victims of sexual assault compared to those forty-five to sixty-four years of age. Those with a college education or more had a higher prevalence of sexual assault than those with a high school education or less. More victims were urban residents (8.4%) versus rural residents (2.9%). However, this discovery was only found in the Duke University sample (George & Winfield, 1992). Sorenson and White (1992) argue that “traditional patriarchal values” may help protect southern, rural women (p. 192). Hispanic women, especially those born in Mexico rather than the United States, are less likely to be victims of sexual assault. This may be because of their strong family and religious values. This study also supported the fact that sexual assault occurs more frequently in women who are younger, more educated, and live in urban areas (Sorenson & White,

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