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In order to protect the diverse races in this country, a new amendment was passed giving every natural born American or anyone naturalized in the United States the right to protection of the laws. Meaning, people that fell into the expectations were granted citizenship and states could not deprive citizens of their rights and privileges. Not everyone was included in the 14th Amendment. Immigrants and especially Native Americans were excluded while whites and African Americans were included. During the Gilded age immigrants were coming into the country and the 14th Amendment did not apply to them. These people came for the opportunities that America could offer them, but the golden American dream was much less than they expected.…show more content…
The foreigners were needed to keep making supplies to sell, but they were treated like enemies and looked down on. In her speech she openly spoke out about the officials not giving their workers the benefits they deserved. “Have your public officials any thought for the citizens of this State, or their condition?” (1912) The condition that many foreigners lived through were horrible not just the tenement housing, but looking at Jacob’s Riis’ photographs, young children can be seen with no shoes, working around dangerous machinery, and sleeping on the streets. At this time there were no child labor laws or work regulations a corporation had to follow. Out of all the immigrant groups there was one group who was ostracized from the rest. An act was passed in America that would not allow Chinese immigrants into the country anymore. The main reason being because they could not assimilate the American culture. The Chinese Exclusion Act’s preamble discloses that “Chinese laborers to this country [endanger] the good order of certain localities within the territory.” (1882) These people were excluded from the rights of the amendment and of the Country itself. They were not seen as equal, but as different and the American society could not accept them. The

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