Overview Of The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals

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Thanks to your support, the year 2017 has been one of growth and innovation for the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. We continue to reach more and more students across the country and around the globe in fulfillment of our mission to bring the joy and beauty of mathematics to as many students as we can through non-competitive, extra-curricular mathematics activities. The reach of JRMF Festivals is expanding rapidly, while we retain the partners the JRMF team has developed over the years. This year JRMF and our partners have hosted 50 festivals in 15 states and 5 foreign countries, reaching more than 5000 students. Of these, 22 festivals were hosted by new partner institutions. The JRMF teach has also received more than 70…show more content…
And they are often looking towards the United States for these paradigms. For all the comments and concerns about American. students’ educational achievement, educators in other countries frequently look to the U.S. for best practices to open up their own pedagogy. JRMF offers exactly these best practices, in a non-threatening, non-competitive, and non-judgmental context. This work, both nationally and internationally, is informing our development of new problem sets and activities. It is also the motivation behind yet another way to leverage the JRMF experience: the development of a new resource, called “Facilitators’ Guides”. We are not just writing solutions to our problem sets, but also collecting experiences and codifying them into documents that seek to give new facilitators a ‘leg up’ on the problem set and on how to work with students at a Festival. We can look forward to a time when these facilitators’ guides are a direct influence on classroom instruction. We have begun to visit national meetings and fairs, bringing the JRMF message of the joy of mathematics to a wider audience. The Young Innovator’s Fair in King of Prussia Pennsylvania, and the annual meeting of the National Association for Gifted Children saw thousands of visitors to our exhibit booths. The National Math Festival in Washington, DC was a particular success. JRMF organized one

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