Overview Of The Psychodynamic Approach To Family Counseling

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psychologists without Christian training that try to integrate, minimize the magnitude of the doctrine, psychologize the Christian belief system, and ignore the historical sociological framework of psychology. Oppositely, theologists that don’t have psychological education try to incorporate the two and end up misrepresenting the fine distinction of psychology and therefore misunderstand clinical application. Clinical psychologists are recognizing more and more the spiritual component in an individual’s life in order to cope with difficulties (Entwistle, 2010).
According to Jones and Butman (2011), Jesus serves as the opposite of the unresolved Oedipal tendencies that Freud discusses by understanding the sacrificial love that God gave his son. Jesus finds life by following his father’s
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Therefore the fear and hatred due to the Oedipal crisis is replaced with a transformation of the thought process to a redeemed individual. The exploration for mental “wholeness ought not replace our desire to know God or pursue authentic holiness, but be seen as one means of pursuing God and Holiness” (Jones and Butman, 2011, pg. 124). I feel that the Psychoanalytic Approach to family counseling has a foundation but should be considered carefully by a Christian counselor mainly because of the primary assumptions of the Freudian view. Paul wrote about Christian maturity in Colossians 1:28. The way of a believer to have a deeper purpose in life is for them to be a mature believer. Maturity involves immediate obedience and long-range character growth (Crabb, 1977). Christian experiences begin with claiming that we are acceptable by God,
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