Overview Of The Restaurant Market

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Introduction Overview of the restaurant (100 words) The restaurant market in London is extremely competitive with thousands of restaurants trying to fight against each other in order to stay competitive attract customers. Benihana, a Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant at Piccadilly Circus, has its own unique selling points and they are how they can stay successful in one of the busiest cities in the world. Proposed Service Concept The specialty of Benihana is hibachi steak and seafood and foods are grilled in front of guests on a stove and then served the chef assigned to each table. The website design is mainly consisted of black background and red texts and images. Black reminds people of fine dining and high-end while red reminds…show more content…
Interior design Besides black, red is used in almost every corner of the restaurant from tables to bathrooms. When people see warm colours such as red, they would relate it to enthusiasm, warmth and joy and that’s the brand image and vision of Benihana and the atmosphere Benihana are trying to create. People could also relate it to fire and grill which is what Benihana is all about. Exterior Design To attract potential customers, Benihana displays their lunch and dinner menu in the street outside the entrance of the restaurant. People in the street can see through the massive glass windows from the outside and get a glimpse of the inside which may help attracting customers. However, customers in the restaurant who values their privacies might have concerns about being stared at as some tables are fairly close to the glass windows. Environment and atmosphere In contrast to conventional fine-dining restaurant, being “noisy” is actually one of Benihana unique selling points and advantages. Chefs would yell, make funny noises, tell jokes, and make every customer laughs while they are preparing food in front of customers which people don’t see at any other fine-dining restaurant. This concept of customisation is a big contrast to the standardisation at other conventional formal restaurant. The concept of servicescape emphasizes the impact of the physical environment in which a service process takes place. (Booms and Bitner, 1981) Whereas the quality of the food
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