Overview Of The Web Design And Track Data

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The Overview report contains the summary of the web design and track data, which can be handy to keep an eye on the tracking report instead as this is where all the details are and help the design team drill down with ease to analyze the information for looking for a way to improve the website www.foodfrompanda.com further. Website traffic trends Picture 1
As can be seen from the line chat, website traffic trends fluctuate wildly and particularly significant rise in the three period including Oct.12th -18th, Oct.23th - 27th and Nov.9th –Nov.12th.The big reason for the highest peak was the design team officially releases the website after web-design revision as like www.foodfrompanda.com and many referral visitors from the designer’s
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Therefore, we would like to do more advertise on social media in these places.

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Page Data Analysis
Picture 6
The average time on page is 34 seconds. The page retains visitors the longest was 8 minutes. However, there are only 2 unique pageviews for this 8-minute page; in addition, the page name is like a bunch of messy codes. So we believe that this data is not convincible. The page retains people the second longest is the Sweet Sour Page. There are 5 pageviews on it, and the average time is about 3 minutes. We believe that this data is significant because there is a 7-minute embedded YouTube video on this page.
Search Terms Analysis
Picture 7
There are only 2 sessions from organic search which contain only 1% of overall sessions. However, the search terms for those two searches do not provide by google analytics, so we are unable to analyze which terms they used.
Visitors Activities Analysis Picture 8 Picture 9
Except the two unprovided organic searches, there are 231 sessions are from direct traffic; 19 sessions are from referral traffic; and 3 sessions are from social traffic. According to the behavior page, there are total 1040 pageviews on our website. However, there are about 700 pageviews of the homepage and the navigation pages. This result means that visitors didn’t browse our website completely. Mostly, they bounced out when they clicked a few pages.
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