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Midterm Paper: Overview of Bookbinding styles in History Bookbinding has come far in terms of production, lower quality and the amount of books that can be produced. It used to be that at one point or another in the past that it was an actual labor-enduring process, and that includes the styles of binding itself. Each part of bookbinding can impact the style of the book, can show the advancement in society and the access to the public. It can also show how far we’ve come in terms of design, quality, durability (or lack of, with paperbacks) and materials. This paper covers the style of bookbinding, an overview in history of the basic parts of the book; the boards, the covers, the design/illustration on the books and bookbinding as a whole The boards in bookbinding were an important aspect in the style of binding, the boards helped to protect the pages within, and showed how bindings have improved over time. There were multiple kinds of boards that protected the book in the past, some were made of wood, and others of paper. Now, usually paper doesn’t sound as strong or durable in terms of protecting the book, but it serves its purpose as another support and protection for a book. When wood went out of style around the fifteenth century then pasteboard, a style, which is several layers of paper glued together to create a ‘board’ and then a stronger substance called millboard took over. This style of cover took over because it eventually became cheaper to make in terms

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