Overview: The Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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In the Time of the Butterflies, by Julia Alvarez, takes place in the Dominican Republic during Trujillo’s control of the country. Dedé and Minerva are two extremely different Mirabal sisters, shown by how they respond to Trujillo taking over their country. Dedé and Minerva are only two of the sisters. There are four in total: Minerva, Dedé, Patria and María Teresa. The four sisters take turns throughout In the Time of the Butterflies telling their stories from the 1940s while living in the Dominican Republic. Manipulating her point of view and attitude, Julia Alvarez uses an impassioned style of writing to portray Minerva’s strong leadership and an explicit style of writing to portray Dedé’s willingness to compromise. In 1938, Minerva’s …show more content…
Instead after gaining freedom from her parents who discouraged her from attending the university, Minerva became a forerunner for the revolution, fighting for her freedom she had always craved, as well as to gain freedom for her people. When Trujillo refused to grant her license, she did not become discouraged. Instead, Minerva used that as a reason to begin actively working to gain freedom form Trujillo, both for herself and for all of the Dominican Republic. “She is the one most identified with the resistance against Trujillo because of her beauty, her public rebellions, her conspicuous intelligence, and her leadership in the underground movement. Alvarez exhibits these same attributes in her Minerva, especially her vehement, outspoken hatred of injustice in any form,” (Felty). Minerva fiercely fought the female stereotypes placed upon her by society, which ended with her attending law school. When she realized that she still was not truly free, without seeking anyone else’s opinions or approval, Minerva began her strident opposition to Trujillo’s totalitarianism. Frightened by Minerva’s example, Dedé allowed her opinions and beliefs to be twisted and compromised to align with what other people believed. Jamito felt that he must always be right and controlling in his marriage with Dedé, leading to her point of view that easily gives into people and allows their opinions to sway her. When Dedé asked
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